Firefox for Tablets lands in Aurora

I am pleased to announce that Firefox for tablets has merged into our Aurora channel! This puts us one step closer to a general release, and we’re looking for more people to test it out. So if you have an Android 3.0 tablet you can download the latest Aurora build right now.

In addition to the features I wrote about last month, we’ve been busy polishing the UI and making more improvements to the user experience, including:

New tab bar behaviour

Placing tabs down the left column and web content on the right allows users the ability to browse with both hands: one hand can be used for switching tabs, while the other controls web content. In some cases though, using the full width of the screen can be preferable, so we added the ability to hide and show the tab bar. By default, your tabs appear on the left, and you can swipe them off the page when desired.

A more comfortable action bar

We’ve tweaked the style of the back button, and attached it to the URL bar, in an effort to streamline the design and make it feel even more like Firefox. We also stretched the URL bar across the screen to make longer page titles legible. This also pushes the  refresh and bookmark buttons closer to the right edge of the tablet, making them much easier to reach. The change to the URL bar is also reflected in the awesomebar. Now, you can scroll through your history without having to move your hand nearly as far. A small but noticably more comfortable detail.

You can use this QR code to download the build, or follow this link. Enjoy!

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