The Tablet Tab Bar

We’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback on Firefox for tablets, both about the Nightlies and my mockups. I wanted to comment on one piece of feedback I keep hearing over and over again:

“I want to be able to hide tabs in landscape mode.”

Rest assured, this has been a topic of hot debate since the beginning of the project, with many people on both sides of the fence. And given how much feedback we’ve had about it so far, we will probably end up making the tab bar dismissable after all. Below is a design we are trying out in the near future.



  1. bc

    The page wouldn’t reflow to take advantage of the extra space?

    • Not sure yet, we have to play with a prototype to decide what feels better – repositioning or scaling.

      • bc

        One thing I noticed with the Galaxy tab we received at the all hands was that on many pages the type is too small for my 53 year old eyes and it was annoying to not be able to use the full screen real estate when zooming the text. It isn’t clear to me from your comment whether the former tab bar would be reused or not, but leaving the tab bar empty seems like a waste of valuable screen real estate.

  2. I like that design! (even if I’m still not fond of that white bar thingy, but installing Personas helps with that after all)

  3. anon amous

    Noooooooo. Tabs must be visible at all times. How dare you consider changing this without putting it up to a community vote.


  4. I like this new design a lot. Not being able to dismiss the tab bar in landscape has been my pet peeve as well. Thanks for including this change!

  5. Felipe

    Yes please, it’s very annoying have the tab bar always visible.
    Nice job!

  6. Tim

    Dismissable tabs are an excellent idea. Keeps both sides happy. btw. The nightlies work well

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