Firefox for tablets is in our Nightly builds!

Good new everyone! Remember those mocks I posted a couple of weeks ago? Well, the Mobile Team here has been pounding away at bringing this new UI to life, and for those of you that are growing impatient, you can start playing with a rough build on our Nightly channel right now.

Nightly > Aurora > Beta > General Release

For those unfamiliar with our release cycle here at Mozilla, it breaks down like this. The Nightly channel exists as a very early testing stage for awesome new features. Once  these features are approved, they get moved into the Aurora Channel for stabilization, and then to Beta, and then finally emerge in a general release.

So this means that a general release for Firefox on tablets is still a few months away, but if you want to watch it grow and improve right before your eyes, you can download a build here and follow along.


Lastly, comments are always welcome, and while I will not be able respond to all of them (because we’re busy actually making this awesome browser!) I promise to read everything and do my best to discuss with the team.

Use this QR code to download the build, or visit Enjoy!




  1. hallihallo

    im posting this from a sgt10.1 with current nighly.

    this is my feedback after a couple of days:
    – theres bugs. such as keyboard always goes over the input fields and you dont see what you type.
    -tabs on the side in landscape mode use up space that i actually want to use for the browser. make them possible to hide like in portrait
    -its slower than stock and opera by a fair margin.scrolling settings lags like hell, more than webpages
    -backbutton is big and thus good.

    thats for the tab specific stuff

  2. ton kroon

    Needs a plugin with java

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